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Hurricane Ivan has SLAMMED Orange Beach !

A Walk Along the Beach--Page 1

We will add photos of Orange Beach condos and beach houses, and places where there are missing beach houses. It will be like a walk along the beach looking at Hurricane Ivan damage in photos. More photos will be added daily, so keep checking back for a look at your property. Because we are trying to add these Hurricane Ivan photos as quickly as possible, we will not take the time to do the normal photo editing we would to, so they may look a bit rough, but hey, this whole area is a lot rough right now !

Beginning with Enclave Condos in Orange Beach on the Beach Side and we will be moving westward. Eventually all the remaining buildings, damaged or undamaged, photos will be added (hopefully). 

Almost all condo buildings have lost their swimming pools, some have lost both outdoor and indoor pools. I'd say about 50-70% of all first floor condo units in Orange Beach are now history. Some condos have public spaces on the first floor, so individuals have not lost their whole condo. Most condos have foundation supports visible. Many beach homes that were between tall buildings are gone or near gone. This is also true for smaller homes located further (second & third tier) from the water but across from the space between the tall buildings where the water rushed thru the openings.

Additionally some condos have very damaged upper top corner units. It always seemed like the top floor corner unit would be the very best location---but after what I saw yesterday, I have decided---maybe not !

Enclave Condos across from the Bruno's Grocery in Orange Beach on the Gulf of Mexico
ivan-enclave-condo-3.jpg (18592 bytes)

ivan-enclave-condo-2.jpg (16906 bytes)

ivan-enclave-condo-1.jpg (10478 bytes)
This hurricane damage photo is from the street side at Enclave Condos.

ivan-enclave-condo-5.jpg (14319 bytes)
The south-east corner of Enclave Condos.
ivan-enclave-condo--6.jpg (17503 bytes)
The ground floor of Enclave Condos in Orange Beach has extensive hurricane damage.
This looks like an electrician's nightmare !

 ivan-enclave-condo-7.jpg (11471 bytes)
This was Enclave Condo's indoor pool before Ivan.

ivan-enclave-condo-8.jpg (15783 bytes)

Hurricane Ivan inflicted really bad damage to Enclave's ground floor units.

As these hurricane damage photos show, ground floor condos may not be allowable under changes to the building code in the future.

SunSwept Condos in Orange Beach

ivan-sunswept-condo-1.jpg (18209 bytes)

ivan-sunswept-condo-2.jpg (19393 bytes)
SunSwept Condos on Orange Beach between Seachase and Enclave Condos.

ivan-sunswept-condo-3.jpg (15723 bytes) ivan-sunswept-condo-4.jpg (16298 bytes)

As these photos of Hurricane Ivan show, SunSwept Condos has extensive damage on the lower floors.

ivan-sunswept-condo-5.jpg (12179 bytes)
Sunswept also has damage to the side of the building.

SeaChase Condos in Orange Beach

ivan-sea-chase-condo-1.jpg (14350 bytes)

Sea Chase Condos used to have such beautiful pools and a swim thru indoor pool before Hurricane Ivan.

ivan-sea-chase-condo-2.jpg (13733 bytes)

ivan-sea-chase-condo-3.jpg (19437 bytes) ivan-sea-chase-condo-4.jpg (15800 bytes)

SummerHouse Condos are next. There are two buildings. One east, one west.
hurricane-damage-summerhouse-w-e.jpg (18594 bytes) hurricane-damage-summerhouse-e-w-2.jpg (18344 bytes)

hurricane-damage-summer-house-east.jpg (24739 bytes)

hurricane-damage-summerhouse-upper.jpg (12275 bytes)
Summerhouse west had damage on upper corner.

hurricane-damage-summerhouse-close.jpg (15513 bytes)
A close-up photo of Summerhouse foundation and lower floor hurricane damage.

hurricane-damage-bluewater-condo.jpg (26022 bytes)
BlueWater Condos in Orange Beach look good, even on the ground floor. The pool is gone of course as all the others are after Hurricane Ivan

hurricane-damage-white-caps.jpg (24955 bytes)  hurricane-damage-white-caps-condo-2.jpg (19100 bytes)
White Caps is between The Sands and Blue Water Condos. The foundation is exposed, pool gone.


the-sands-condos-orange-beach.jpg (16395 bytes)
The Sands has some foundation exposed. Overall it looks good.The dark areas on the lower right are palm tree tops.

the-sands-condos-damage.jpg (19758 bytes)
The Sands Condos

Pelican-Point-Condos-hurricane-damage.jpg (19138 bytes)
Pelican Point Condos in Orange Beach seems to have held up very well. Some first floor damage.

Windward Point Condos in a long stretch of large buildings

ivan-orange-beach-windward-point-condos.jpg (15537 bytes)

ivan-orange-beach-windward-point-condo-2.jpg (21723 bytes)
Windward Point may have suffered less damage than many condo buildings.

The ShoalWater Condos

ivan-shoalwater-condo-1.jpg (16577 bytes)

ivan-shoalwater-condo-2.jpg (15651 bytes)

Like most of the condos, Shoal Water has many first floor condos with damage. ShoalWater used to have such a nice pool area.Now gone,gone,gone....


ivan-orange-beach-townhouses.jpg (13851 bytes)
Not sure of the name  of these townhouse type condos between Tradewinds and Shoalwater. Looks like a good bit of roof damage. They sit right next to the Holiday Inn Express

The Holiday Inn Express is next and it has very little hurricane damage.I think it would behoove people to find out who built the Holiday Inn Express, and choose a condo built by that builder !

Tradewinds Condos in Orange Beach

ivan-tradewinds-condo-1.jpg (19841 bytes)

ivan-tradewinds-condo-2.jpg (17015 bytes)

Tradewinds has lost it's pool as have almost all of the buildings from Hurricane Ivan's Damage. Other than the lowest level, Tradewinds looks pretty good compared to most.

Seaside Beach and Racquet Club Condos

ivan-seaside-3.jpg (18234 bytes)

ivan-seaside-4.jpg (18531 bytes)

These Hurricane Ivan photos show the extensive damage to condo's ground floors along this stretch of Orange Beach.

ivan-seaside-5.jpg (15697 bytes)

Seaside Beach and Racquet Club condos.

ivan-seaside-beach-and-racquet-6.jpg (19330 bytes)

As is the case all along Orange Beach, the lowest level of condos is heavily damaged in the parts of Seaside Beach and Racquet Club facing the water. The smaller buildings have mostly roof damage.

ivan-seaside-1.jpg (15260 bytes)

ivan-seaside-2.jpg (15932 bytes)

Beach Houses behind Tootie Greens & The Silver Shop

It is a pretty big mess in this area, most houses have damage or are missing.

ivan-beach-houses-behind-tootie-green-1.jpg (13716 bytes)

ivan-beach-houses-behind-tootie-green--2.jpg (12293 bytes)

ivan-beach-houses-behind-tootie-green--3.jpg (11909 bytes)

ivan-beach-houses-behind-tootie-green--4.jpg (12197 bytes)

ivan-beach-houses-orange-beach-damage-1.jpg (15287 bytes)
There appear to be some beach houses missing in this area behind the shops. The tall, strong buildings may have caused more water to rush thru this area. It is really badly torn up.

Moving west just past these beach houses is Romar Tower.

Gulf Shores Hurricane Damage Photos

Extensive Silver Beach Condo Hurricane Damage Photos-Click Here


Condo and beach house Hurricane Ivan damage photos will be continuously added

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