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Orange Beach Restaurant Reviews

Below are reviews of some of the restaurants in Orange Beach

Mosaic Tapas Restaurant at The Wharf--GONE :o(
Orange Beach AL
www.mosaictapasrestaurant. com --(site not working)
4720 Main Street Suite m101
Orange Beach, AL, 36561
Phone: 251 224 7390
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 3:00 am

Our new most favorite place !

Leave the kids at home and get some great grown-up food and sometimes live music at Mosaic in The Wharf at Orange Beach.

This is the place to try some wonderful small dishes. We ordered the Ceveche, Beef Empanadas, Seared Tuna, and Fish Tacos. All were great. Super salsas, great presentation. Friendly service. We were originally seated at a table but in the low light, we could not read the menu (even with our specs) so we moved to the spacious bar where there was great light and entertaining maneuvers by the staff behind the bar. Mosaic's Ceveche is some of the best I have ever had !

The staff suggested we try their pulled beef something or other, or may be it was time. They said it is killer good.

Mosaic Tapa Bar Restaurant Mosaic Tapa Bar Ceveche

Mosaics is located along the Main Street at The Wharf where several other restaurants/bars have come and gone. They have added carpeting which helps tremendously with the previous noise problem in that space. Their decor is a cross between handsome and hippie make-shift. In addition ot the nice , well lit bar and regular tables they have some low slung lounge benches and a couple areas arranged around a central coffee table for hookah smoking or something...not sure how that works, no one was doing it. They have nice background music.


24821 Canal Road
Orange Beach

Lester's on Canal Road has good food and live music in certain nights.
We ordered various items so we could all share and try as many different dishes as possible. The Peppercorn Seared Tuna was not only wonderful but was presented so beautifully that we could not resist taking a picture right on the spot. Our Fried Oysters were perfect, the Mustard Battered Grouper Fingers with Remoulade Sauce were great.Unfortunately  the seem to have dropped the popular (we were told) Shrimp and Mushroom Spring Rolls that had us doing backflips up the gorgeous wood staircase (see photo) to the upper bar area. Now they have a roll w/ beans in it...skip it.

The atmosphere is special with vintage motorcycles displayed around a mezzanine above the main dining area. Lester's prices seem to be right in line with the other better restaurants (few that there are) down here.

All the salad dressing are homemade at Lester's which shows you how much they care about quality. And, Lester's serves local Gulf shrimp, not Asian imports.

Off season Lester's has some good lunch specials. Generous portions of men-lovin' things like meatloaf. Click here for a printable coupon for Lesters.



Cosmo's Restaurant & Bar
25753 Canal Road--in Fish Camp Landing
Orange Beach, AL ph 948-WOOF Sushi starts at 5 pm daily 

This is one of our (and everyone else on the planet) favorite restaurant down here. Great food, good prices and it is for Grown-Ups !. Attractive and unusual serving pieces compliment the nicely displayed food and drinks. We have made about 6 visits in the first three weeks since it opened and tried different things every time and never been disappointed. The Sesame Seared Tuna Salad served rare is our favorite so far. The crab cakes are the best we have had in the area. Cosmo's appetizer Crawfish tails come in a flavorful light sauce with dipping chewy bread--soooo good. The sides are great and so reasonably priced. We think it is wonderful to have all these choices besides french fries , but have asparagus or gingered greens as a side dish instead. The Black 'N' Blue Shrimp Wrap is very tasty and one person in our group who has had Calamari all over the world, including Japan, thought Cosmo's was as good and tender as any he had ever had. Brian Harsany who has opened Cosmo's has done stints at several other local restaurants like Giggling Grouper and Bayside Grill but this restaurant that he has opened, we think, hits the best for providing the type of place we have been missing. Lets just hope he continues to keep low carb, intensely flavorful dishes on the menu and we'll keep coming back. Do everyone a favor and don't tell anyone you know who have the 'high chair' age family members about this place !!! This is grown up food for grown ups. 

Not sure of hours, but they are open for lunch and kitchen closes at 10 p.m. on weekend nights this summer but due to excellent customer service, we have been served dinner late on occasion. 



Louisiana Lagniappe (pronounced Lan-Yap)
at SanRoc Cay Shopping Area, in the back
27267 Perdido Beach Blvd.
Orange Beach, AL

Three of us went to Louisiana Lagniappe for the first time since Ivan. The interior looked great, the service was friendly and professional. It seemed that the menu items and prices were generally as before. We like it that they will split an entree between two people and serve each a salad and potato for an extra $4. Our appetizer of fried eggplant, crabmeat and hollandaise sauce was crispy, hot and good altho the breading on the thin slices of eggplant overpowered the taste of the eggplant. One person at the table thought maybe it was a fried green tomato, so indiscernible was the taste of eggplant.

The special of the evening was Grouper stuffed with crab and shrimp and a sauce on it. We thought it was really good. Our salads were very good. There is only one dressing, the 'house' dressing. The stuffed potato was a little on the heavy side, sort of flat and uneventful. One of us ordered the stuffed shrimp which were very good and had a nice flavorful sauce. Louisiana Lagniappe is not an inexpensive place to eat. You do get very large portions, wait staff in snappy tuxedo like uniforms, cloth tablecloths, water with your meal and glasses with your beers but it will cost you. We noticed that they did have a small dish of hushpuppies on the table w/ some butter but brought no bread with our meal. All of us shared on order of bread pudding w/ bourbon sauce for dessert and it was ok--not great, just ok and none of us could taste any bourbon in the sauce. It had pecans sprinkled on top and I got one rancid pecan piece in one of my bites--never a nice thing. The restaurant does have a great view of the marina outside the huge windows in the rear and in warm weather you can sit on the outside porches. Entree prices range from about $15 to $25. 




Cafe Grazie
at SanRoc Cay Shopping Area, in the back
27267 Perdido Beach Blvd.
Orange Beach, AL

We have recently had two very enjoyable evening meals at Italian themed Cafe Grazie. The one thing that comes to mind first is great service. This is unusual for our area. We talked to our server the on the second visit and she told us that in addition to extensive training, the employees must pass a large test before they are allowed out on the floor. Even on Valentine's Day, with the place full to capacity and in the 'off season', the service never missed a beat. This is rare even in big cities.

We found the menu to be quite large and offers many dishes for those in search of something other than noodle dishes. On Valentines we tried the nightly specials, both entree and appetizer. Both were really good. The Fried Calamari appetizer with Marinara Sauce is well prepared and a generous portion. We thought the Oven Roasted Portabella appetizer was a little skimpy for the price and we wished the little piles of green sauce were pesto instead of the mildly flavored parsley. And on the subject of flavors, we, being folks who like strong and spicy flavors, wish that maybe the intensity of the flavors was kicked up a notch. To do that, they would need to use the more pricey imported Gorgonzola cheese where that cheese is specified.

The Veal Marsala entree was tasty but the included Spaghetti Grazie was pretty tasteless. See if they will let you substitute a veggie.

One very nice touch is the baked garlic/olive oil mix and fresh bread that is brought to the table. We prefer our "Italian bread to be a bit more chewy--made with a higher gluten flour, but just the same, it is a nice extra to your meal.

A real bargain is the Classic Minestrone Soup. 

We tasted the Cheesecake and Tiramisu desserts--good--but who has room ! Maybe better to finish the meal with a steaming cup of Cappuccino. Cafe Grazie uses Community arabica coffee.

Entrees from about ten bucks to twenty.


Eat! in Orange Beach, Alabama


251-974-2EAT (328)
4401 Money Bayou Dr.
Orange Beach, AL 36561
Just off of Canal Rd Across from the Wharf

We went to "Eat!" for their $10 all-inclusive All-You-Can-Eat lunch. It's served buffet/cafeteria style. Some of the offerings vary from day to day: Monday is billed as "anything day," Tuesday's theme is cajun, Wednesday has wings & BBQ, Thursday is country, and Friday has seafood and prime rib (price goes up to $12). They just expanded to offering lunch on Saturday, but I don't know what the theme is. They have dinner most days, with the seafood/prime rib buffet the most popular. Prices are between $15 and $32 - depending on what you order (AYCE snow crab legs add $7 to the tab).

On Monday's lunch they had 6 choices: fried catfish, chicken tenders, seafood creole, beef tips, jambalaya, and pork barbecue. Sides included mixed veggies, mashed potatoes (clearly made on-site) and corn. There's a small but adequate salad bar. I enjoyed the catfish, which had a sweetish and decidedly non-greasy flavor and the seafood creole served over rice. Carol actually thought the chicken tenders were pretty good - a cut above fast food. I wasn't particularly impressed with the barbecue because I'm not a fan of mustard based BBQ. Also it was kind of tepid. Tip: try to arrive for lunch before noon.  We got there around 1:00, when things were slowing down. They don't seem to do much to keep the food warm.  We had peach cobbler for dessert. It, too, had been standing around for a while.

We also went on a Thursday to try the "country" offerings. Actually a few of the entrees (seafood creole, jambalaya and catfish) were the same as on Monday, but they also served country-fried steak, meatloaf, and "cajun pasta." I liked the country-fried steak and the hearty, dense meat loaf. Both were accompanied by white and/or brown gravy, neither of which were stiff or greasy. This made for some nice, yummy comfort food. The cajun pasta was unmemorable. We sampled two desserts: bread pudding and cherry cobbler. Neither was all that great, but at the end of an AYCE pig-out, who cares? This time we came when it was a lot busier, the food was moving more briskly, and was much warmer. Each day our total tab, including tax was 20 bucks for the two of us! When you're not spending much more than you would at a fast-food joint, it's hard to resist a place like EAT!

No alcohol, but the sweet tea, unsweet tea and soda are unlimited. The place is small (perhaps a dozen inside tables) but very tidy (cloth napkins). The bathrooms are immaculate. The ladies who work there are very pleasant and accommodating. Most of the customers looked like locals. Didn't see many tourist types. This would be a great place to bring the kids.


Ginny Lane Bar & Grill
4780 Wharf Parkway
Orange Beach, AL, USA
(251) 224-6500 

The Ginny Lane Bar and Grill, located in The Wharf shopping complex, is a welcome new addition to the local dining landscape. My recent visit on a weekday night proved to be a delightful mid-week break for my out-of-town guest and me.

Probably the first thing you'll notice when you enter Ginny Lane's is the giant 6' x 8' TV screen located above the Brit-style bar. Several other TVs are located in the dining area, but the mega-TV coupled with the food and selection of beverages is sure to be a hit for local sports enthusiasts. Also reminiscent of a Brit pub is the large chalkboard menu that covers one wall in the dining room. Ginny's has entertainment in Fridays and Saturdays too.

The special cocktail menu is enticing with a large selection of martinis. The Caramel Apple martini, a pleasant relative of the popular was Apple-tini, was tasty and tart with a hint of caramel, but not too sweet. The Lemon Drop martini was delicious and tangy. Large beer and wine selections are available that would compliment any toast of good cheer.

While looking over the menu, a delicious mixture of freshly milled red pepper, parsley and grated Parmesan cheese in oil with warm bread got our taste buds in tune for the salad and main course.

The dinner menus offered a complete selection of appetizers, soup, and salad. Main course dishes of seafood, beef and chicken and sandwiches provide a broad range of selection and price ranges. It's almost bathing suit time here on the Gulf Coast so my guest and I decided to split the meal. It was a good idea too, because the chef served up a generous portion of the dishes we ordered.

We asked our waiter for an extra plate so that we could share two of our dishes. Instead, he surprised us by serving our dinner and salad already divided into two portions, each on its own attractively shaped smaller plate and each artfully presented with garnishes. This gesture, at no added cost, made a big impact on us.

Our meal:
The shrimp and artichoke bisque was creamy and rich tasting. The warm salad with goat cheese served with the Greek salad dressing can be ordered as a main course with the addition of shrimp, grouper or chicken. Created with a wonderful selection of mixed greens and stout goat cheese, the salad alone was satisfying and the Greek oil dressing was distinctive.

Fillet mignon…just the sound of it makes my mouth water. The serving was beautifully prepared – rare; and could have been cut with a butter knife! A side of seasonal veggies, including Jicama, a Mexican root was interesting in taste and consistency resembling water chestnuts.

Dessert? Crème brulee and coffee. Wonderful with nicely caramelized sugar tops with just the right amount of crunch. Yum!

Our experience at Ginny Lane's Bar and Grill was soothing and more than satisfying in terms of atmosphere, food and fare. Go for it!! 

Geno's Fresh Catch Grill
26651 Perdido Beach Blvd.
Orange Beach, AL, USA
(251) 975-1388
Open 7 Days
Lunch 11 am - 4 pm
Dinner 5 pm - till 

Located on top floor of Zeke's Landing Marina on Perdido Beach Blvd. We have been there several times, in the old location, and always had a nice dining experience with good food. This place can be very busy at popular meal times--plan ahead. Geno's serves PRIME steaks--hard to find now-a-days. We have had Steak Diane, cooked perfectly, twin 4 oz medallions sauteed with Dijon mustard, cream, vegetable and house mashed potato--was very good and the meat was tender,tender, tender. Not cheap tho.. The sea bass with spinach, tomatoes, and capers was very good. Cajun Shrimp and Grits-good. The Creamed Spinach and Artichokes - with asiago cream is large enuf for two or more to share as a side dish--very rich. Orange Beach restaurant with the Island's only exhibition kitchen and the screened outdoor seating area is open seasonally. Can't figure this out: "Memphis Wings - grilled chicken wings served with Carolina BBQ sauce" --why not MEMPHIS BBQ sauce ? Rather loud, busy atmosphere with cheap chairs but attractive plates that compliment the food. . Better gumbo elsewhere, skip the gumbo. The servings are large here, consider sharing. Good wine list. 

Smokey Blues BBQ
4401 Money Bayou Dr.
Orange Beach, AL

Nice to now have more BBQ choices in this area. First thing we noticed about the new, squiky clean one-room restaurant was the rich aroma of smoke. When we visit a BBQ place we want to be enveloped in the deep hardwood smokey aroma. Here, your mouth starts watering as soon as you get out of the car. On a Sat. Afternoon visit to Smokey Blues BBQ we got a variety of carry out items to take home to enjoy...and enjoy we did. The pig meat on our sandwich was delicious and generous, tender and of the pulled variety. We ordered a jumbo w/ slaw and hot sauce. Now, I must say right here that since I was raised in the BBQ capitol of the universe, I am uber picky about BBQ and how it is served. I am firmly convinced that there is one correct way to serve a BBQ and then there is everything else. So bear with me. The sandwich would have been improved by the following: Toasted bun, a different bun, more slaw, the right kind of slaw, and sauce applied on top pf the meat before the sandwich was served. I found the un-toasted bun to be a bit too 'bready', sorta dry and not springy soft and stretchy like we prefer. This is a case where really,really fresh common white buns are champs.The slaw at Smokey Blues is a cabbage-vinegar mix. We like the fine chop, but we long for some mayo in it...maybe a dash of mustard too. We think a BBQ sandwich should have a generous portion of slaw, across the whole bun area, not just a dollop in the middle. Of course we think one should not have to ask for slaw on a BBQ sandwich, it should be automatic. Instead of a couple shakes of hot sauce on the meat and sauce like we prefer, we were given a little plastic container of BBQ sauce of the hot variety. It was very good. Perfect really. Thick, hot and sweet just liek we like it.
The ribs came with two sides and a store bought roll. We has slaw as one side and chose a concoction called Apples and Chedder for the other. Our ticket called it "daily casserole" . I'd have to pass on that next time. Smokey Blues ribs are of the dry rub variety. The outside was covered in a tasty well seasoned rub and the tender meat was delicious. We happen to prefer wet ribs, and it is always nice when you have a choice, but they give you plenty of little containers of sauce, so you could slop on some sauce on your own. We had a coupon and got a free banana pudding. It was so-so, tasted of cool-whipish ingredients.
The restaurant's interior is fast food style, and I expect they will do a good lunch biz. They are set up to serve various veggies and sides quickly. We saw some nice looking salads already made up and in a grab-and-go cooler. We like this. Staff was courteous and aiming to please. They had only been open for 3 days, we wish them well. BTW--the word "Blues' in the name is a bit missleading. They do not have music and they do not play the blues on the speakers, so don't expect The Blues.

Now, here are the basics of how we think all BBQ sandwiches should be served.
1. You are asked "Regular or Jumbo"
2. You are asked "Hot or Mild" . Hot is just a few squirts of Louisiana hot sauce, like Crystal splashed on the meat.
3. Tender bun is toasted on inside only. (no added grease)
4. Chopped, tender slow cooked pig meat is piled on. (pulled is harder to eat, chopped is better for sandwich)
5. Sweet sticky BBQ sauce is ladeled on top of meat.
6. Sweet fine chop slaw is piled on. Slaw well seasoned and w/ a touch of mustard is best.
6. Sandwich is wrapped in waxed paper, (no flimsy foil to get into our fillings) and the top flap is held down w/ one toothpick thru the center of the sandwich. Two toothpicks for hot.

You will need the toothpick for later and if you have a whole sack full, then you know which are hot and not by the number of toothpicks in them. And speaking of a lot of them, restaurants should always offer the "6 Pack"..which is the buns, the meat, the slaw, the sauce for assembly at home.


We also are working on a categorized list of restaurants in the Orange Beach area

The Graveyard:

Gulf Bay Seafood Grill--Gone
Mientje's at The Wharf--GONE
The Spot--GONE
Coconut Willies--GONE
Nolan's--GONE in OB, now back in GS
Jake's Steak House in Gulf Shores--GONE
Giggling Grouper --GONE
The Shrimp Boat--GONE
Sun Place Else--GONE
Sun Place Else II-GONE
The Spot--GONE
Barefoot Bar--GONE
Island Time Cafe-GONE
Angler's Oyster Bar and Grill--GONE
Zeke's Down Under--GONE
Wok on the Beach--GONE

Mosaics Tapa Bar and Restaurant--GONE


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